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Do you want better color grading results?

At Violafrank we make custom LUTs straight from your footage

To give your Film and Video the best color and tonality.

Our luts work in Final Cut Pro LUTs, Premier Pro and Davinci Resolve,

It’s relatively easy. Follow the instructions, upload a saved frame and we do all the rest.

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The only successful LUT for your footage is one made from your actual footage.
Further demonstration of the effectiveness of an accurate and custom made LUT

Why Choose a Custom Lut from ViolaFrank?

Over 25 years of professional color experience

University Lecturing (20yrs) in color management and digital imagery.
Over 1000 lectures
Over 2000 Students

Extensive experience in assessing imagery.

Thousand upon thousand of images assessed.

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How does this system work?

Load your video footage into your editing software timeline.

Export a still frame and save as per instructions.

Upload your file to us via the shop purchase.

We make you a Custom LUT

We send the Custom LUT back to you

You install the LUT we send you

Read the full Instructions here !

See the many interpretations of color. The possibilities are endless
Our LUTs in action. See what the Pro-LUT and the Pro-LUT Extended lut can do.

We make custom LUTs that really do work

This is not guess work you know. Premade LUT’s are guess work though

Do you want better color grading outcomes?

We make custom LUTs for optimal color correction and color grading.

For Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro or Davinci Resolve

Install our custom LUTs into your editing timeline for the best color

We can see color very well

With 25 years of experience we have seen just about everything.

Color Matters a Great Deal

Your color matters to us but we know it matters to you more

We know there are multiple ways to do things

Try to be specific about your needs. We’re much better at color than reading minds.

We’ll tell you straight

If the color or the file quality isn’t there we will tell you to save everyone’s time.

We will make your LUTs as soon as we possibly can

Our clients are global. Sometimes our timezones don’t always match.

We make LUTs and Color for Photography too

We do Raw Processing and Photoshop Color and Luts for Photography too

Our LUTs will often work on your other footage too

People tend to shoot in similar ways and our Luts often work on other footage too.

Our Prices are on Special at the moment

We’re offering our Custom LUTs at a third of the normal cost for now

Custom LUTs

LUTs for Final Cut Pro X
LUTs for Adobe Premier Pro
LUTs for Davinci Resolve

We make custom LUT’s from your footage for your footage

See how the process works here.


Custom LUTs
Color Grading
Colour Matching
Timeline Color matching

Better Color
Better Results !

Made from your video footage, our custom LUTs will give your video the best color possible.

The Advantages of a Custom Lut

Our LUTs are customised to your video from your video footage

Our LUTs are accurate

A full dynamic range of tones for further editing

Edit for more personal style and tastes

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Why Pre-Made LUTs Don’t Work

Because pre-made Luts are not designed for your footage.

Because pre-made Luts are designed for different dynamic ranges, not yours

Because pre-made Luts are guesswork

Pre-Made LUTs waste your time with endless internet searches and installations

You can trust us to give your videos the color it deserves
Our color correcting skills at work in this video.
Subtle and effective Color Grading of an abandoned factory.

Color is important. Because it matters

Extreme lighting conditions creatively controlled and edited.
Subtle and effective Color Grading of an abandoned factory.

We see color better than most people

Our extensive experience with color places us in the best position to edit and modify color for pleasing aesthetic outcomes.

Although color theory can be easily understood, the application of editing color benefits greatly from visual experience and application.

How digital color edits and changes color is always better applied by people with vast color experience.

Our Color skills will make your videos stand out and impress.

at what cost

Your color is paramount to the visual outcomes of your work.

The visual output from all your investment in equipment and time relies heavily upon color.

You may of spent thousands of dollars on equipment and countless hours learning the skills of your craft.

So, it stands to reason that a small investment in accurate color for your videos makes sense.

It just makes sense to get it right.

We’re here to do that for you !

Discover your color with our Custom LUTs


Our Best and most versatile Look Up Table

Designed from your footage, this LUT suits variable shooting conditions such as panning or moving footage and may also be effective for your other clips

This LUT also allows for further editing by you for that extra and personalized enhancement.

Pro LUT:
Dynamic Range fully optimised
Color Balanced
Color extended with no clipping
Contrast Optimised
Highlight contrast and color optimised
Midtone contrast and color optimised
Shadow contrast and color optimized
Luminance sharpening


On SALE – Normally $35


2 LUTs including the Pro LUT

An extended version of the Pro Lut, this LUT expands the existing and available color in your footage.

Ideal for static camera positions and subject matter such as interviews or any footage that is stable as consistent.

Pro Lut Extended:
Dynamic Range fully optimised
Color Balanced
Color fully extended with no clipping
Contrast fully optimized
Highlight contrast and color fully optimised
Midtone contrast and color fully optimised
Shadow contrast and colorfully optimized
Luminance sharpening



On SALE – Normally $50


Our Pro-Pack of Luts gives you five LUTs to experiment and edit with to provide choice and creativity.

Designed for your camera from your footage these LUTs may have many other applications for your future color editing.

The Pro-Pack of LUTs are all extensions of the base Pro Lut

1 x Standard Custom Pro Lut: Our Best and most versatile Look Up Table

1 x Pro LUT Extended: See Pro Lut Extended

1 x Alternative color grading LUT

1x Split toning Lut

1 x Black and White (greyscale) LUT.



On SALE – Normally $60


We can Color Grade your footage from your instructions and a supplied image suggestion.

We will provide two variations on this aesthetic as matching color depends on the quality of both your supplied frame and the sample image and instructions provided.


1 – Standard Pro Lut 

2x – Color Grading Lut



On SALE – Normally $50


We can best match the color and tonality of numerous clips in your timeline to provide a consistent and accurate color for your editing timeline.

We will provide a LUT for each clip in your timeline.

When ordering:
You will need to supply a saved frame from each clip and nominate which frame is your master or hero frame.Prices vary depending one the number of clips.


$35 +

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