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How the online Color Grading system Works.

1 – We need to view your video to provide a costing and the best way is via an online link. Share a Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook video link with us.
2 – We listen to the instruction you provide to us
3 – We provide a quotation to complete the work.
4 – You provide payment via a Stripe Invoice we send you. (See more details on the next tab)
5 – You transfer the video to use via Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.
6 – We do our color work on your file
7 – We post an online video for your review. (Private)
8 – We send you the completed work.
9.- You’re very happy with your new color corrected video.

1 – Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo as a private video and share the link with us. We do not download from these sites. It is better to provide the video that you have uploaded to various sites. Note – Youtube and Vimeo and alike will strip important dat from your video.
2 – Be as detailed but direct as you can with your instructions – Providing reference material can also assist. However, keep your instructions clear. For Example – In the second clip from 0:13 minutes to 1:25 can you please make the footage more colourful and darker with a warm tint.
3 – We will send a quotation via email. Quotations will vary for a variety of reasons. These include but are not limited to the following:
Length of video
How many individual clips in the video
How many transitions are between video clips in your timeline
The amount of special color adjustments requested.
The video resolution. For example resolutions of 4K and above takes longer to process and transfer data via the web.
4 – You deposit funds into the Stripe Invoice we send you. or a 75% Deposit on jobs in excess of $100usd. The remainder to paid upon completion. We use Stripe because it is trustworthy.
5 – We upload the video to Vimeo as a private link and share that with you. This video will have a watermark applied.
6 – You provide further revisions – Please note that revisions do not include factors missing from original instructions. We will only make revisions to work that has been lost in translation between your instructions and what the data on your file can achieve.
7 – You pay the final Balance on jobs greater than $100usd – we send you a second invoice.
8 – You’re much happier with your color corrected video or film.

You can send complete edited videos or individual clips.

Please send as mpeg, mp4, Mov or pro-res files.

Please send at your output dimensions if possible. It is cheaper and quicker.

If you are in the editing phase of your video we can receive individual clips from your editing timeline.

Please avoid sending the files without Titles or text over anything you want adjusted.

Avoid sending Files with blending transitions.

NOTE: We do not work on RAW captured files because the files are simply too large for internet transfer.

Do you have your video uploaded and ready to be viewed?

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We make LUTs for Video editors too. Need your video colored? We make custom LUTs – See our Home page

A gritty color grading for a discarded factory. Inner city abandoned and neglected factory frequented by sub-cultures

A beautiful Autumn morning shooting into the direct sunlight. We decided to be make the most of the visual aesthetics with this grading

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