A Video Collection from Violafrank Color Grading Home

Along with Color Grading we also edit your videos

Color Grading, Color Correction and Footage Repair as requested by my clients from the last few weeks

A pictorial narrative of press photographs from the early stages of the Corona Virus. All images were published online by news agencies.

This is a video displaying the before and after affects of accurate color grading. Your film and video will improve with our color

Water Shored – This is a dramatic color grading from the original footage being in bright sunlight. We can do all sorts of changes to your color.

A gritty color grading for a discarded factory. Inner city abandoned and neglected factory frequented by sub-cultures

A beautiful Autumn morning shooting into the direct sunlight. We decided to be make the most of the visual aesthetics with this grading

This is a video is a metaphor about the difficult journeys in our lives. This one is about seeing a glimmer of hope within the forlorn mirth.

Words in a tunnel – A color grading video that filled with words shared between people during an afternoon’s discussion.

A showreel of Aerial Drone footage. We are also licensed Drone Pilots and enjoy capturing the aerial cinematic feeling

An old and discarded factory sits idle as developers decide what to do. In the meantime, the site had become a hot spot for sub cultures.

See the sunshine and shadows move in this dramatic aerial flight . Dynamic midday lighting with plenty of clouds shadowing the ground.

Helmet visor reflections travelling through a big city as the city skyline reflects in the visor.  Always a lot of fun.

The Hanging Tree – Inspired by the soulfulness of the music and the drama imposed by flying over open water.

Video Grading online advertisement. Another demonstration of the effectiveness and improvement from color grading

Further demonstration of the effectiveness of an accurate and custom made LUT – made from your footage and applied to your video editing.

A bright sunny day whilst traversing above a roadway. A happy view and experience.
Near Melbourne, Australia

We make LUTs for Video editors too. Need your video colored? We make custom LUTs – See our Home page

Custom LUTs in action. See the before and after of LUTs applied to video frames. Our luts will work in your editing timeline.

Riddells Creek – late afternoon light as we fly above the hill and toward the valley. Wildlife can be seen amongst the setting sun.

This video was an early morning flight after a cold and frosty night, that concludes across a valley.
The updraft from the valley increased the wind

A slow reversing flight above a cattle farm in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia.
Cinematic slow flying views.

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